We are the movers and shakers. We are Disruptants.

In the spirit of getting to know each other better we’ve compiled a few details about the people powering Disruptants, including our partners who have standing recommendations from us and our attempt at anticipating any questions we may not have answered elsewhere to your satisfaction.

The Team

Who makes it happen

Disruptants is an unbounded collective. Our network includes educators, creatives, business professionals and anyone who can deliver unique experiences bespoke to our clients’ needs. And when it’s a two way street, the partnership is sweet.

Damith Weerakoon

Founder | Design Thinker | Curator of Creativity | LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator | Capricorn

Damith strives to have relentless optimism in the face of certain doom. He’s passionate about helping people and organisations challenge their status quo, finding their X-factors, leading with passion, purpose and authenticity and unleashing the power of play as a transformative tool for learning.Disruptants’ methods evolved out of his personal struggles and successes, anecdotal and quantitative evidence from professionals trying to balance self-improvement, career development and business KPIs.

The Team

Cast & crew

Shayan Hazir

Certified life coach, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator

With 15 years experience in the largest companies in the world, running and advising multiple startups, Shayan Hazir is qualified in Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation Strategy, Design & Creative thinking. When not working with some of the foremost global thinkers and organizations in his day job, he conducts workshops on leadership and creativity in multiple countries and as Disruptants’ go-to front man.

Tracy Hamilton

Mover and Shaker

Tracey Hamilton is a powerhouse in media, creative, client, and consulting having built a successful career solving commercial business problems creatively for the world’s top blue chip firms. She now runs her own practice (https://www.moveoglobal.com/) providing agile consulting, creativity and innovation training, creative problem solving workshops to individuals and firms looking to grow, fast. Tracey and Disruptants help each other out on various projects.

Sajith Kandaanarachchi

Visual Director

Sajith has a rare talent to take a one page brief, hours of unedited filming and create captivating videos to memorialise the essence of any event.

Kay Ross

Applied Improviser

Experience and energy abounds in this one, a Hong Kong based applied improviser, polymath editor and healer, Kay is a seasoned storyteller. She uses her divergent skills to drive personal, professional and organisational development.


Perfect Partners

Bespoke tailoring needs to be supported by a great network of people as well as like-minded businesses. We work with new talents, experienced operators and pioneers in their fields whom we are happy to recommend in their disciplines.

Designers of our site, revampers of our logo and deliverers of quality. Mäd is our go to digital design agency and we partner with them on Brand Design work for our clients. Mäd is a human centered design lab. Their purpose is to make it happen, looking beyond design to the technology, people, and processes that companies need to succeed.

Part change agency, part growth consultancy, Moveo is a business accelerator - equipping Enterprise and Scaling firms with the mindsets and methods needed to compete in the face of transformation. Singapore-based and led by our partner Tracey Hamilton, her new endeavour is backed by years of experience with some of the foremost blue chip companies in the world.

Graphic recording summarizes complex ideas into live visuals. Making time-based insight beautiful and concrete which helps participants remember their experience. You get to take away a piece of digital and/or physical art to reinforce learning and remind participants to act on their commitments. Idea Ink Illustrations and is one of the premier firms and early pioneers in this field both in Singapore and Asia

Get your questions answered

When we’re not out and about thinking of ways to inject play into an accounting seminar or turning an office into a Lego® war zone, we ponder the universe in search of answers to questions that people might like to find in an FAQ. Here you go...

What does disruptants do?

The essence is building creative capability in people and organisations, and cultivating the power of possibility. The creative problem solving approach and creative solutions we develop are borne from methods and experience that allow us to analyse any industry, personal and organisational needs. If it’s not described in the site, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. If you have a problem or opportunity to discuss, we’re always curious and willing to listen without judgement.

How much do you charge?

There’s infinite reasons for us not to display our prices, but the simplest one is that we don’t really sell canned products. When we do, such as public workshops, we do share the prices. Although we are based in Hong Kong, we work with partners in multiple areas in Asia, and so we will generally have a minimum fee based on the number of participants, duration, location and programme. These factors will influence the number of facilitators we need, materials, travel and accommodation expenses (outside of Hong Kong). Expect a minimum of USD 10,000 for a tailored day workshop for 30 people.

What’s special about Disruptants?

Absolutely nothing. We are simply people who have a wide range of knowledge accumulated from broad multicultural experiences across organisations, entrepreneurialism and unbridled curiosity. Most of our methodology focuses on selling inception, i.e. helping others to use their innate knowledge and expertise to generate ideas to solve their own problems, which in turn helps to build commitment through to execution. So if you’re asking what makes us special, it’s basically our customers.

Can I become a Disruptant?

Of course, you may already be one! If you check out the Opportunities section there may be job advertised, but outside of that we’re always open to interns, working as support for other facilitators/consultants or vice versa, and anyone talented who we can potentially create a position of value for in our team. Get in touch and let’s find out together.

What weighs more, 1 pound of feathers or 1 pound of lead?

If you genuinely didn’t realise that 1 pound of feathers weighs the same as 1 pound of lead, you should get in touch immediately!

What if I can’t find the answer to my question on the site or FAQ?

As much as we endeavour to predict and pre-empt all questions, we sometimes fall short and obviously deeply regret our lack of clairvoyance. You can however feel free to contact us for any inquiry. Emails (info@disruptants.com) and whatsapps equally welcome!


Become an insider


We’re always on the lookout for talent to support our events, or to be supported by us. If you’re interested in partnering up get in touch.


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