Creatively inspired consultancy.

Tailored to the organisation and individual, we consult with startups and MNCs alike on all matters from business strategy to leadership development with deep experience in Finance, Product Development and Sales.







Who do we help?

Turning insights into innovation and ideas into action, we drive change by building capability in your critical human resource that understands and runs the company. We supplement this with our expertise to tackle challenges that you may not yet be equipped to manage. Whether it’s product ideation, business process re-engineering or brand building, Disruptants prides itself on being able to analyse and create impact for many industries, structures and type of firm.


We directly develop startups from concept and business strategy to fundraising, while partnering with Accelerators and Incubators to develop their programmes and curricula.


Often challenged by lengthy processes and tight control, we offer services to support public, quasi-public and non-profit organisations to drive social impact and economic change.


We offer our services to individuals for coaching, mentoring and advisory through one-on-one engagements and via workshops open to the public.


One-off consultancy or workshop engagements with corporates from product and leadership development, re-engineering, executive coaching and long-term holistic programmes.


We work with educational institutions to continuously improve our learning approach while supporting their innovation agenda with workshops and inputs from industry


How do we help?

Creative Ideation

Whether you’re at a loss for ideas or need to spark creativity, we enhance the generative process to maximise creative potential and turn insights into innovation

Corporate strategy

From pitch decks for start-ups to digital transformation for MNCs, we help structure strategy with the right engagement and input from your team and market 

Cultural change

Driving culture shifts and establishing positive internal values require partners who can both analyse and empathise with the broader organisation to focus on win-win solutions

Customer centricity

Whether its looking at customer journeys or developing human-centered approaches to design and sales, we help focus strategy on satisfying customer demand.


Ensuring that the team and proposition are geared towards implementing on time, tracking and measuring KPIs to ensure that the intended benefits are realised.


Dealing with tough times or reigning in bad habits, re-engineering processes, structures and dropping loss makers to generate efficiencies and maximise profit is key.


How Disruptants transforms the workplace

We consult by understanding our clients’ needs both from an internal and an external perspective and using a creative-problem solving approach to structure unbiased solutions for positive change. We look at long term value creation through the development of human capital and propose plans that challenge conventional thinking.



Learning comes in many forms and we use experiential learning, creative engagement and gamification with methods such as design thinking and LEGO® Serious Play® with various tools from arts & crafts to multimedia and apps.

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"It’s been good to just get a little bit VULNERABLE as a GROUP, as a COMMUNITY, that’s all in the Singapore office, and start to GROUP TOGETHER our ideas so we can turn it into ACTION"

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