HSBC - Creative Cash Management

Damitha Weerakoon

7 minute read

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HSBC probably needs no introduction but as a global juggernaut and top 5 bank in the financial services industry, cash management builds world-class working capital management solutions and products for institutions, multinationals, corporates and wider use by the retail banking sector. The Asia team engaged Disruptants to help develop creative thinking practices, enhance collaboration in the team and breakdown silos.


As an owner of a large suite of heavily regulated products with high volume, the demands of the cash management team to empower the day-to-day transactions of it’s corporate and retail clientele and meet many regulatory requirements across varying jurisdictions places intense constraints on time and energy. The need to grow business while maintaining secure processes and fair customer practices while servicing clients within a heavily contested space with increasing fintech competition and tighter budgets requires innovative thinking.

Driving the strategy from senior management is critical to success to create the safe space for teams to devote time to take creative leaps and voice opinions.


Our session on “Creative Cash Management” focused on integrating the use of gameplay with the LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) methodology, appreciating individuals and strengths in order to build trust and allow different teams to focus on positively contributing to group solutions.  


Despite the limited time the team was able to extract some important learnings which are key to the creative building process and building trust within the team, reinforcing their own mantra that “Together Everyone Achieves More”. This was also driven by the courage and vulnerability shown by senior leaders to share openly about personal experiences, which is encouraged through the safe gamespace and then drives appreciation of diversity and honesty.

August 7, 2019

Damitha Weerakoon

Damith strives to have relentless optimism in the face of certain doom. He’s passionate about helping people and organisations challenge their status quo, finding their X-factors, leading with passion, purpose and authenticity and unleashing the power of play as a transformative tool for learning. Disruptants’ methods evolved out of his personal struggles and successes, anecdotal and quantitative evidence from professionals trying to balance self-improvement, career development and business KPIs.