Uber Singapore x Disruptants

Damitha Weerakoon

7 minute read

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The pursuit of #happiness is something we often strive for or say we do, but seldom do we make it a priority in our lives let alone at work. That's why we were extremely excited when #Uber Asia team in Singapore decided to hire us to deliver a session around #passion, #trust, #empathy and tangible ways to promote what we'd like to think of as a workplace for #wellness. Our heartfelt thanks to Uber and for giving us this opportunity and allowing us to share their experience with our community.

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August 7, 2019

Damitha Weerakoon

Damith strives to have relentless optimism in the face of certain doom. He’s passionate about helping people and organisations challenge their status quo, finding their X-factors, leading with passion, purpose and authenticity and unleashing the power of play as a transformative tool for learning. Disruptants’ methods evolved out of his personal struggles and successes, anecdotal and quantitative evidence from professionals trying to balance self-improvement, career development and business KPIs.